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Business Intelligence: Challenges and Key Learnings on How to Overcome Them

Aug 26, 2020 6:00:00 AM / by MAJIQ Marketing Team posted in Software, manufacturing execution systems, Business Intelligence, business analyst, business analysis, MAJIQ, Elixir, Paper and Pulp, Challenges, KeyLearnings



As businesses struggle to understand and effectively use the growing volumes of data they are collecting, they face a wide range of challenges in designing and implementing an effective Business Intelligence (BI) strategyIt takes hard work to develop a BI program that successfully produces data-driven business decisions. 

The first challenge is defining solid BI strategy that meets the needs of the business and delivers a return on investmentThis is immediately followed by the challenge to secure the approval and funding for a Business Intelligence programBI managers are faced with the task to find the right balance between agilitygovernance, and useful data. Faster time to insight can provide a competitive advantage, but this needs to be balanced against data security and privacy concerns. Useful, accurate data is key so business users can answer the questions they have and not perpetuate inaccurate analysis. 


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Business Intelligence: Empowering Your Business Users to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Jul 24, 2020 9:00:21 AM / by MAJIQ Marketing Team posted in Software, manufacturing execution systems, Business Intelligence, business analyst, business analysis, MAJIQ, Elixir, Paper and Pulp



In today’s business environment, data is everywhere. But what value is the vast amount of data a business collects if it is not correlated and transformed and integrated into daily business decisions? Leveraging your Business Intelligence empowers your decision makers to achieve the goal of continuous business improvement. 

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MAJIQ Growth Spurt

Jul 11, 2018 5:01:00 AM / by MAJIQ Marketing Team posted in Sales & Marketing, MES, pulp, paper and nonwovens, MOPSsys, Milwaukee, Industry, Software, Acquisitions, Ediwise


There has continued to be a lot of activity here at MAJIQ during the first 6 months of 2018.  The common theme is to provide more and better service and offerings for our current and future customers. That has come in many different forms this year, including mergers and acquisitions, a new office location, as well as new customer start-ups and great new mobile software application functionality in our Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) product, Elixir.   Check out the details below. 

New MAJIQ Office opens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

MAJIQ has officially opened another office location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June. of this year. This will help lead our software company to further our pulp and paper management opportunities and allow us to grow and attract resources closer to the pulp, paper, and nonwovens industry. This MAJIQ expansion will benefit both our company and the customers as our Help Desk will begin daily operations starting at 8 AM Central Time Zone to offer additional assistance throughout the business day of our operating pulp, paper, and nonwovens mills. We will soon be expanding our employee base as well at our Milwaukee location and will be looking for new candidates to come on board. If you or anyone you know is looking to join our growing company, click below to see current open opportunities. 

Click here to see open MAJIQ Opportunities

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