You Gotta Love Paper

Dec 19, 2018 8:29:59 AM / by David Pawelke

David Pawelke

Paper is truly one of humankind's greatest inventions. It has helped shape history for thousands of years and continues to be the most sustainable substrates in the world today. In short, you gotta love paper

fanned paper book

There are two great memories from growing up the son of a commercial printer; The first is the smell of ink every day when my Dad would get home from work. The second is paper, my  childhood was filled with drawing, folding, painting, or something to do with paper. Like many printers and paper makers, my father could hold up a piece of paper, feel it, look at it up to a light and tell you the papers entire story, including grade, basis weight, quality and many times where it was made. 

There are very few things more satisfying than holding a high-quality sheet of paper in your hand, no matter what the type, be it newsprint, book, copy, or opening a high-quality paperboard or 

Arches in paper

containerboard box, If you have never held a sheet of 100 lb Arches watercolor paper, go out and buy some today, and let your kids go to town on it, frame it and keep it forever.  In short, you gotta love paper.

When I buy books, I quickly open them and fan through the pages and breathe in the paper and ink.  When I open a box, I deconstruct it and see the way that it is built. I am amazed at all the possibilities that paper offers the world. It is truly one of the  influential inventions humankind has ever made and continues to be one of, if not the most sustainable substrate available. 

deck of MAJIQ cards

At MAJIQ we spend our time building software that helps our pulp, paper, and tissue customers improve to make the right paper of the right quantity at the right time for their customers, called perfect orders (see last months blog about this topic). 

corrugated paper

 It is truly a noble business that we support, and everyone at MAJIQ is very thankful to be part of it every day.

So from everyone at MAJIQ, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a very prosperous and healthy new year. 




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