MAJIQ Growth Spurt

Jul 11, 2018 5:01:00 AM / by MAJIQ Marketing Team

MAJIQ Marketing Team

There has continued to be a lot of activity here at MAJIQ during the first 6 months of 2018.  The common theme is to provide more and better service and offerings for our current and future customers. That has come in many different forms this year, including mergers and acquisitions, a new office location, as well as new customer start-ups and great new mobile software application functionality in our Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) product, Elixir.   Check out the details below. 

MAJIQ in Milwaukee

New MAJIQ Office opens in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

MAJIQ has officially opened another office location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in June. of this year. This will help lead our software company to further our pulp and paper management opportunities and allow us to grow and attract resources closer to the pulp, paper, and nonwovens industry. This MAJIQ expansion will benefit both our company and the customers as our Help Desk will begin daily operations starting at 8 AM Central Time Zone to offer additional assistance throughout the business day of our operating pulp, paper, and nonwovens mills. We will soon be expanding our employee base as well at our Milwaukee location and will be looking for new candidates to come on board. If you or anyone you know is looking to join our growing company, click below to see current open opportunities. 

Click here to see open MAJIQ Opportunities

Ediwise and MOPSsys acquisition

MAJIQ Acquires Two Companies - MOPSsys AB & Ediwise

In the last six months, we have been fortunate enough to add two great companies to the pulp and paper family: Ediwise and MOPSsysBoth have strong histories providing best in class software solutions to the pulp, paper, and nonwovens industry, and will allow us to provide a more seamlessly integrated solution for our MES customers. Both acquisitions finalized earlier this year as we hope they will help provide a stronger quality market leading presence and quickly deploy real-time data.


Ediwise is the leading provider of paper inventory management and EDI services for the publishing and print industries. With a customer base of over 250 pressroom/printers and 60+ paper mills and paper warehouses, Ediwise sets the gold standard for electronic document standards and pressroom inventory solutions. Ediwise is based in Toronto, Canada.

About MOPSsys AB - 

MOPSsys is the leading Process Information Management and Quality Management Systems for the pulp, paper, and nonwovens industry for more than 30 years. They also integrate, configure, and develop project services through the use of Project Management Processes (PMP) to deliver support in all aspects of the process applications and databases when handling MES. MOPSsys is based in Sweden, and also has offices in Vancouver, Canada.  

Elixir Keeps Growing and So Do Our Customers 

On the go exampleMAJIQ is on track to implement at least six new Elixir pulp and paper mills that will continue to come online throughout the rest of the year to further our MES customer base. Elixir, our flagship product, is also growing! Elixir On-The-Go(R) ,our new mobile application management software is great to work on a variety of devices. Elixir On-The-Go helps meet the needs of our customers and their goals, especially when it comes to the warehouse, inventory, and shipping functionality. After running many tests, we have made this application very easy to use, and even easier to use when training! To learn more about On-The-Go, click here for further information.


Through all the growth that continues to happen at MAJIQ, we are excited to add another successful year under our 30+-year belt and counting. We work extra hard by collaborating with our teams in order to deliver the best solutions through our software to satisfy our customers. By optimizing order fulfillment and management in the pulp, paper, and nonwovens industry, we strive to provide our best support and services through the strength of the expertise of the entire MAJIQ team.


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